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My brother Shawn and I grew up in New Braunfels in the 1980s, at a time when the town was small, sleepy and self-contained. Downtown looked much as it does today, as it has for over a century, and it is still the special place it was back then. Today, downtown shops are more sophisticated, there are more restaurants with great food, and there are more people enjoying downtown, yet it is still common to see someone I know when I walk down the street.

The neighborhoods near downtown New Braunfels have the same grace and convenience they always have, with diversity of house styles, sizes and ages, as well as diversity of residents. In these neighborhoods you’ll find a hip young artist living in a funky remodeled ranch house next door to a retired schoolteacher in a gingerbread Victorian. Both of them love where they are — just a stone’s throw away from everything downtown has to offer.

When we discovered 65 acres of creek-side land was available within walking distance of downtown, we knew what to do — make more of a good thing.  So, we are building Town Creek, a hometown neighborhood that continues the traditions of our beloved downtown.

To ensure the quality and integrity of the project, we have assembled a top team of urban planners and engineers, along with our partner David Wolters, who brings valuable real estate development experience to Town Creek.

The whole town has contributed to the creation of Town Creek. In June 2006 we held a series of public meetings to refine the form of the neighborhood and to gather the best ideas for its future. Numerous stakeholders attended, including City Council Members, owners of adjacent land, civic groups, Planning & Zoning Commissioners, local realtors and interested citizens. The result is an ambitious vision for a new urban village that complements and brings new relevance to New Braunfels’ downtown.

Trace Jurica

Town Creek Co-Founder


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