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Town Creek offers everything you want in a hometown – choice, value, safety, beauty, convenience, healthful living and fun.

Singles, families, empty nesters, and every variation thereof have a place in Town Creek. Throughout life’s changes in income, taste, and space requirements, residents can move up and around in Town Creek without moving out.

Buy a home, get a town. Life at Town Creek includes being able to walk to so many things that make New Braunfels special: the Comal River and tubing, Landa Park, the Landa Park Golf Course, and the shops and restaurants downtown. Plus a nine-acre hike & bike nature trail along Comal Creek.

In a neighborhood like Town Creek, safety is no accident. It’s by design. The land plan makes streets integral to the neighborhood, rather than throughways. Curves and limited straightaways encourage drivers to slow down.  Wide sidewalks provide ample space for pedestrians and serve as a buffer between people and cars.

In every detail, whether it’s nature trails that are truly natural, cozy pocket parks, streets and curbs that protect ancient trees, or architecture with the perfect mix of traditional and modern elements, Town Creek creates an environment of harmony and grace.

Enjoy nature trails, neighborhood parks, and shopping you can access without a car. As Town Creek grows, you may be able to do away with your commute altogether by taking advantage of live-work spaces and urban mixed-use offices, intermingled with inviting neighborhood shops and cafes.

Healthful Living
Walk, run, bike, hike, swim, or tube. Go to work, dinner, the store, the trail, the pool, the river, or park. Town Creek is in the middle of it all.

This is a hometown neighborhood full of reasons to get out of the house, meet in the street and do something fun. Go for a walk by the creek, grab dinner and a drink or just visit with friends in the park. You’re sure to run out of energy before you run out of options.

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