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What is the design concept of Town Creek?

Town Creek was created in June 2006 in a series of public meetings called a Charrette, where all stakeholders (including neighbors, businesses, adjacent land owners, City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, realtors, the developer and interested citizens) came together to exchange ideas about how to accomplish the stated goal – “add to Downtown in a way that respects the history and character of a great place.” The community charrette was a huge success, and the result was that people wanted a new neighborhood with a vibrant mix of residences and neighborhood businesses, with access to Downtown’s restaurants, shopping and services, with recreational opportunities on the Comal Creek hike and bike trail that connects to the Comal River and Landa Park, and all of this with a focus on the comfort and safety of the pedestrian.

We worked with the Museum District neighborhood and city staff to propose an alternate design of Academy that included an intersection instead of an s-curve, and a downgrade of the arterial to a 2-lane connector. These designs have the effect of reducing the speed and volume of traffic traveling through Town Creek, making it a safe place for pedestrians. All the streets in Town Creek have ample sidewalks, pedestrian bulb-outs at intersections to reduce the distance pedestrians must walk when crossing a street, narrow 10’ vehicle travel lanes, and on-street parking to provide a physical barrier between pedestrians and moving cars.
The existing zoning of the Town Creek property at the time of the Charrette was M-1 Light Industrial. Since there was no existing zoning classification that would allow the continuation of the fine-grained mix of uses and residence types of Downtown, we pursued a Planned Development.

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