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Today in TownCreek: Phase II updates.

 By Logan Christiansen



If you have been around Town Creek in the last month or so you may have noticed the piles of dirt, large trucks driving about and what seems like chaos.  But it’s all under control. Town Creek is growing.  Over the next year there are going to be big changes in our little village.

There are going to be 10-15 new cottages.

Why is this exciting?

Everyday in Town Creek I see something I don't see normally in the "suburban dream:”


Neighbors out in the street, talking to each other, giving a passing wave on a evening walk.  Next year there are going to be even more families moving into Town Creek.

New Commercial Space

Well that's not exciting. Who cares about that? You. You should care.  First of all, Dos Rios Southwest Grill is nearing completion, so by this summer you'll be able to walk over for a margarita – and better yet, walk home.

More businesses are on the way, and they are a big part of what makes Town Creek so special. In time, many of your daily needs will be just a short walk away.

10 New Homes on the Park.

Springs Nursery Park that is. These homes on the park will continue across Academy Avenue (which by the way used to be a real nursery!).  The park might be one of our must underutilized resources.  If you have children or dogs then you could think of it as an incredible front yard, perfect for frisbee, hide and seek, or throwing the football, and the best part is that you don't have to mow it!


I know things look messy and chaotic now, but it’s all so Town Creek can bring you the best possible "Home Town Texas" for you and your family.

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