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The Economic Advantage of Walkable Neighborhoods

Town Creek

When the benefits of walkable urban design are discussed, arguments often lean on the environmental and health advantages:

When people can conveniently walk and bicycle to jobs, stores, transit and other destinations, they tend not to drive as much. This improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves on commuting costs and lessens traffic congestion. (Smart Growth America)

Explanations such as the one above highlight the improved quality of life that results from living amongst smart growth; however, the economic incentives for placing a business in a walkable neighborhood are just as compelling. With a captive market, businesses located in walkable neighborhoods enjoy a steady stream of foot traffic, especially when placed in a region with desirable year-round weather. In Town Creek, in addition to enjoying close proximity to residential development, businesses will also profit from the planned LSTAR Commuter Rail, which will bring car-free traffic from both San Antonio and Austin to their doorstep.

If you are considering opening a business in the New Braunfels area, take a look at the available commercial properties in Town Creek.

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