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New Urbanism During National Bike Month

Learning to Ride a Bicycle in Town Creek

May is National Bike Month, a time to celebrate bicycling culture, educate people about the many benefits of cycling, and encourage bike riding. Whether you ride for environmental reasons, personal health, economics, or leisure, this is the month to show your friends and family why you pedal.

Tomorrow kicks off Bike to Work Week. Across the nation, businesses are encouraging employees and clients to commute by bicycle through various promotional activities such as giveaways, discounts, and rewards. According to the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, the share of Americans commuting by bike has grown by 47% since 2000 and many of those commuters had their first taste of bike commuting during Bike to Work Week (Bike League).

In New Braunfels, local businesses, such as 2tarts Bakery and the Chain Link Bicycle Shop, don't wait for the month of May to roll around before they start rewarding cyclists. Every Wednesday, these two establishments team up to offer cyclists 50% off of their 2Tarts order.

From a New Urbanist perspective, promoting safe bicycling for residents of all ages is also a yearround objective and secure paths, trails, and sidewalks are a critical element of urban design. Smart, complete streets encourage walking and cycling transportation for life's daily needs, leading to healthier residents and a reduced carbon footprint. 

In Town Creek, a nine-acre hike & bike nature trail along Comal Creek is within walking distance of residents. To read about other design elements within our neighborhood that promote biking, click here.

Bicycle Trails in Town Creek (New Braunfels, Texas)

Enjoy the road this month, cyclists!

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